Using Cloud in Iran’s Agriculture

The IJNCPS's Authors that presented the article:

  • Soroosh Mashal University of Passau, Germany
  • Meghdad Aynehband Department of Computer Science Islamic Azad Univesity, Mahshahr branch Iran, Khowzestan Province Mahshahr city
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cloud Applications, Agriculture, Iran Agriculture Problems


Computer technologies have always had their effect, especially in recent years. The impact of network on different technologies is undeniable. Recent advancements in enabling technologies let us think about systems which could not be implemented nor designed a few years ago. Nowadays, emergence of the Cloud helped new technologies to be implemented in a more wide area.  With the growing population and the ever growing demand for food, the scientists and researchers across the globe are busy trying to find innovative ways to meet these ever surging demands. The role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has always been extremely crucial for the agriculture sector owing to the highly unpredictable nature of the later. With the evolution of Cloud Computing and its subsequent popularity, the service providers are coming up with very essay and affordable solutions for the end users. This upcoming technology is predicted to bring revolutionary changes to the agriculture sector. This article is based on the description of cloud computing technology and its numerous benefits. Furthermore, this paper also highlights how effectively it can contribute to the agricultural


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