Investigating on the Consequences of Addiction to Internet and Cyberspace

The IJNCPS's Authors that presented the article:

  • fatemeh khani Payam Noor University
  • majid jan nesari ladani


Internet, as the most important means of communication and information, creates opportunities and threats in the lives of users. The research has done also with the aim of harming of addiction to the Internet and cyberspace on teenagers and young people. The survey was conducted using 383 students from the 9th, 10th and 11th grade students using a questionnaire. The subjects were selected by stratified random sampling. Descriptive results of the study showed that students' use of the Internet and cyberspace and their dependence on the Internet was high. Also, religious beliefs and student relationships with family members have been weak. The happiness of the students was relatively low and their social alienation was high. The research hypotheses test showed that Internet addiction and its strong dependence on family members, religious beliefs and happiness of students were inversely and meaningfully correlated. But online addiction and its strong dependence on social alienation and academic failure have had a direct and significant correlation.